Draw with Jazza T-Shirt Challenge (Process Page)

About 2 months ago I found on YouTube a YouTuber who I really enjoy listening and watching, Jazza! Jazza is really great at teaching others about character design, which is part of one of my interests. He is a great teacher, he has a great sense of humor and as far as I am concerned makes great videos! If you want to learn about character design, I highly recommend exploring what he has to offer. I am a fan!

He is having a T-shirt contest and I decided that I would give it a try. As part of the challenge Jazza wants to make sure that the entries are original. So, I am loading my process page here (thought page) so that I can be involved in the challenge.

What I really liked about this specific challenge is how he mentioned to have fun! Which is so important in anything we pursue to do in life. So I tried it out and did have fun! Thanks Jazza!

I have also bought a few pieces of merchandise from Jazza to help me learn more and more, which have been very helpful. He has spent a great deal of time putting in efforts to help others with their art process. If you are serious about learning more and more I highly recommend checking out his shop. Here is the link. Kudos to Jazza!

Click here for a direct link to the Jazza T-Shirt contest!

Draw with Jazza main page here.


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