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Greetings! So, I found an old sketch book that I had picked up when I visited New York about 4 years ago. I had bought the sketch book at The Met, which is absolutely amazing and another story all in itself.

The paper in the sketchbook is very smooth, which is great for pen work. I decided I would try a few sketches with a black ballpoint pen and the picture here is the result of choosing this medium to work with. I went ahead and made a YouTube video on it and if you are interested I linked the picture to go there. The video is a process video and I give a few tips on how I was essentially conceiving the image.

I am really enjoying using the ballpoint pen and plan to do more images like this down the road. If you do see it I would enjoy hearing from you in the comment section either there or here, even if it's just a "hello." Take Care!

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