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June 25, 2017

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Blog Entry Day 1~ Greetings!

May 29, 2017

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Experimenting with Crayola Markers in Mixed Media

June 16, 2017

Today I decided to explore a bit more with Crayola Markers. In one of my latest YouTube videos I found a way to blend Crayola Markers. In this piece so far I have incorporated a few Copic Marker colors, the Crayola Markers, Watercolor Pencil, Regular Colored Pencils, and a very large Sharpie Marker. 



The Crayola marker can be spread with water since it is water based and in areas of this piece that is what I have been doing. I have mainly used this effect in the pillow and sheets. I am finding that I like the effect of blending the crayola marker and then letting them dry and then going back in with the flat color.


I personally really like some of the intense colors I can achieve with the Crayola Marker.  If you like intense color you may like using them. 


I thought about making video, but they take a lot of time with editing etc., so I am just going to post some of the phases I've gone through so far. I'm not done yet, but wanted to take a break to let it dry and then go back in. 




Copic Markers~

Fruit Pink 

Pale Pink 


Crayola Markers 

Watercolor Pencil  

Regular Colored Pencils

Large Sharpie Marker 

Mixed Media Paper 







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