Sketching the Rib Cage

This is my first day of vacation and I decided I would do some full figure drawing to get my anatomy skills going. Since I have been making videos on YouTube I am also now getting introduced to different teachers and artists who offer great strategies and ideas. There is so much we can learn from each other.

So today I'm going to blog about one idea that I learned from Ahmed Aldoori and Draw with Jazza on YouTube. Awhile back I bought Draw with Jazza's Anatomy Guide that he offers and I really haven't had a chance to review or use it until today. I also watched some of Ahmed Aldoori's videos and from both of these gentelmen I was able to gain some great tips and possibilites.

I feel that there are certain pieces of information that I should try to engrain in my mind and I don't want to forget. The first one is remembering the shape of the ribcage and it's importance in

creating the forms needed to draw the full figure. Both Jazza and Aldoori approach it from a different angle and I think that this is so great because each of us can take away from it what will fit best for ourselves as we evolve as artists.

Aldoori recommends using a 3d block shape and then forming the curves around the ribcage and Jazza suggests using a more simple rectangular shape and moving forward from there. The great news is they are both valid and usable as to the liking of the individual.

I learned a lot of other information from these two gentlemen and highly recommend if you are interested in anatomy drawing to visit them and what they have to offer. When I was done taking notes and listening carefully I tried a complete quick drawing and feel that I have learned some great information as I evolve on my art journey. The reference figure was from Jazza's anatomy files that he offers. Perhaps you will too!

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