Glitter Slime Art and Elementary Science Lesson

This is an update to my last post. The Science Lab Activity to demonstrate how matter can change and in this case from a liquid to a solid was a success! I have a few pictures here to show the kids in actions (with their faces as emoji's for anonymous discretion).

My days have been super busy with the closing of the school year and my own experiment with slime incorporated into art is going a bit slow because of this. I've posted a picture here with what I have so far. Tonight I came home from work exhausted and fell asleep for a bit. So, I'm like the tortoise and the hare right now when it comes to getting any art or YouTube videos done. Hopefully, when vacation begins after tomorrow I'll be able to get more accomplished in those areas.

I am also thinking about putting together the Science Lab Activity for other teacher's to utilize, as when we had a staff development day we learned that the new NGSS standards have limited if any lessons available for teacher's to use or piggy back off of (this information coming from the speaker at the main district). A whole day was spent learning that teacher's will need to create these lessons. I don't know how this will be done effectively with limited times for planning and preparation...I'll see what I can do to add to the body of knowledge.

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