Drawing the Head ~ Andrew Loomis Method ~ Review (Blog #2)

So when I popped back into drawing again and I realized how much I enjoy drawing people I invested in the book, "Drawing The Head & Hands" by Andrew Loomis. Investing time in reading the book in it's entirety, I learned a lot that was different from how I had been taught years before.

Ultimately I feel that it helped me draw the head better and I began to find out that there are truly different ways in which to approach drawing the head. On the left side picture here, is an example pencil drawing I did quite awhile back after reading his book.

I essentially learned many of his techniques, but the major technique that I seem to use quite often is starting a drawing of the head with the eyebrows as a foundational starting point. When I use his technique I always feel that I can capture the correct formations of the head better and eventually quicker. The quicker part though I attribute to continuous daily practice.

It's not to say that the other ways don't work too, but I found for myself that this technique really helped me!

I highly recommend investing in this book or finding it at a local library and maybe trying to start with the eyebrows as your foundational point when drawing the head.

I would also love to hear from you if you try any of his techniques out in the comment section. With that in mind ... Art on...Art onward!

Available on Amazon/Click Here: "Drawing The Head & Hands" by Andrew Loomis.

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